Campus France to lead phase four of ‘Study in Europe’ initiative

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Campus France has announced it has won European funding to coordinate phase four of the ‘Study in Europe’ initiative aiming to improve the visibility of Europe as a study destination for non-EU students.

Campus France is the lead partner in a European consortium comprising of Germany’s DAAD, the Netherlands’ Nuffic, the Education and Youth Board in Estonia, the Academic Cooperation Association in Belgium and the Czech National Agency for International Education and Research, and as such is responsible for overall coordination of the project.

Study in Europe‘ allows national promotion agencies along with French and European higher education and research institutions to improve their visibility abroad and consolidate their international strategies.

Phase four of the initiative will see national promotion strategies, access to scholarships and international mobility of students analysed.

Some 12 student fairs and institutional events, both virtual and face-to-face, will be organised, along with the running of the ‘Study in Europe’ information portal and the launch of an an integrated communication campaign across social networks.

“Phase four of Study in Europe allows Campus France and its partners to consolidate their own appeal strategy and, at the same time, bolster the shared approach to promoting higher education,” said a spokesperson for Campus France in a statement.

The strategy aims at securing the European Union’s position as a leading destination for higher education worldwide

Campus France

“This latest step will both consolidate the network of institutions while also reaching out to prospective future students from outside Europe. The strategy aims at securing the European Union’s position as a leading destination for higher education worldwide.”

A series of themed webinars will be held, as well as networking activities and the communicating of “good practice” for European promotion agencies and European Union Delegations.

In addition to this, phase four of the initiative will seek to raise awareness of key aspects of the European Strategy for Universities and initiatives linked to the establishment of the European Education Area through annual seminars on EU policy.

Additional annual seminars will be organised with the aim of bringing together European higher education institutions and their counterparts from various parts of the world, as well as training sessions on how to promote higher education for those working in them, with priority going to the least visible or least active European institutions in terms of promotional activity.

Campus France was involved in the previous phases of the project, coordinating the second and third phases.

The third phase saw a series of student fairs organised, bringing together 17,000 participants with 406 European exhibitors. Other successes include 700,000 views garnered across the project’s 10 promotional videos.

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