I’m a mature student at Oxford – so why am I being heckled by teenagers? | Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff

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I’ve had a chance to see the elitist bowels of the institution and have also been reminded of one of the most annoying aspects of university life

I didn’t ever picture myself as a mature student. In fact, my first piece of published journalism was for this website, writing about what it was like to attend university at 17. Yet, over the past few weeks, I’ve become akin to an undergrad at the University of Oxford, where I’m doing a six-month fellowship researching how journalists report on missing people.

As a fellow, you’re part of a “college” – Oxford is essentially made up of lots of mini universities – and able to access all of the facilities, from libraries to catered dinners to social clubs. Getting to see the elitist, constipated bowels of the institution is fascinating enough. But having joined the college women’s football team, and being five-to-10 years older than everyone else playing, I’ve also been reminded of a less positive aspect of university. That being: how annoying teenagers and men in their early 20s can be.

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