UK: WeAreInternational campaign highlights value of pathway routes

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The campaign, led by Universities UK International relaunched in 2023, a decade after it started and is dedicated to highlighting the contributions international students are making to their communities, and beyond, during their studies in the UK.

UUKi has been showcasing the personal stories of students studying across the country and the final story follows Victoria, an international student who came to the UK via an NCUK in-country pathway route.

Victoria studied her NCUK International Foundation Year at a NCUK study centre near her family home in Peru, before NCUK supported her to progress to study a music degree at Leeds Beckett University, where she is now in her final year.

“Even though I moved to a different continent, I was surprised how quickly I adapted,” said Victoria.

“I’ve learned so much. I don’t even recognise myself now and I wouldn’t have gained this perspective without my UK experience. I’m deeply grateful to have been given the opportunity to study here. I would do it all again in a heartbeat.”

Delighted to share former NCUK Student Victoria’s story in @UUKIntl‘s #WeAreInternational campaign finale!

Join us as we celebrate the impactful journey of international students transforming lives in the UK and beyond.#WeAreInternational #WeAreNCUK

— NCUK (@NCUKTogether) June 13, 2024

Victoria, who acts as a student ambassador for NCUK and LBU, now wants to help others in her home country, Peru, to follow their dreams too.

“I want to share the knowledge I’ve gained with those who haven’t had the same chance as me,” said Victoria.

“I want to open their eyes to all of the exciting possibilities they could experience.”

Victoria’s ultimate goal is to return to Peru and pursue a successful career as a music producer, bringing with her all the knowledge and international outlook she has gathered during her time in Leeds, the city that has been her home for the last three years.

“It is extremely important that we continue to champion the international student voice, to tell the impactful story of the contributions international students make to the UK; to celebrate their success; to empower them to share the transformative journey and experience they are having,” said Andy Howells, who led the relaunch of the campaign during his time at UUKi, and who is now chief marketing officer at NCUK.

International students who have come to the UK via a pathway route have an important and interesting perspective to share

Andy Howells, NCUK

“The #WeAreInternational campaign is a great vehicle to do this, and we are grateful to Victoria for being willing to tell her story. International students who have come to the UK via a pathway route have an important and interesting perspective to share.”

“Embracing international students in the UK is vital for nurturing global connections, promoting cultural understanding and enhancing the academic experience for all,” NCUK said in a statement, highlighting the £41 billion annual contribution international students bring to the UK.

“Victoria’s dedication to supporting her peers from around the world highlights the invaluable contributions these students make to UK universities and communities.”

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