#WeAreInternational renewed to boost ‘welcome factor’

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Universities UK has re-launched the next iteration of its #WeAreInternational campaign to celebrate the role international students play in the country.

Developed over a decade ago, the campaign relaunched in May 2023, with more than 70 institutions taking part.

Phase two was launched May 1, focusing on the experiences and achievements of international graduates and alumni from around the world, UUKi told The PIE.

“The campaign aims to celebrate the social, civic and cultural value that international students bring to towns and cities across the UK, as well as reverse the decline in how welcoming a study destination the UK is perceived to be by prospective international students,” the organisation said.

In a series of films it features 10 students who detail how they are making a difference to their campuses, communities, and the UK as a whole, as well as their ambitions for the future, they added.

Universities and international education organisations have once again joined, including Aston University and the University of the West of England and pathway provider NCUK.

“It is extremely important that we continue to champion the international student voice, and this is a strong way to close the gaps that exist between the perceptions of prospective international students looking to study in the UK, and the reality of the positive experiences those students already at UK universities are having,” chief marketing officer at NCUK, Andy Howells, noted.

It comes at a time when the UK international education sector and overseas students are under pressure politically and future policy could limit rights of international students in the country. Organisers say it aims to counteract any negative perceptions surrounding the UK as a “study haven for international scholars”.

Music production student at Leeds Beckett University, Victoria Lay, is one of those featured in the campaign. She had previously successfully completed the NCUK International Foundation Year in Peru.

“Even though I moved to a different continent, I was surprised how quickly I adapted. My plan is to go back home to Peru and share the knowledge I’ve gained with those who haven’t had the same chance as me,” she said.

“We know the current political environment is driving a decline in our welcome factor,” Howells, who led the reinvention of the #WeAreInternational campaign in his previous post at UUKi, continued.

“Therefore, we must continue to come together as a sector to speak with one voice to tell the story of the transformational power of international higher education.”

Other institutions have utilised the campaign hashtag to celebrate the achievements of their own international students, such as the University of Sheffield, in the city where the campaign was created in 2013.

The university highlighted four of its international graduates, including Taru from New Delhi who now works at FindAUniversity.

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