Crime reduction tips for students

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According to statistics one in five students fall victim to crime while studying at college or university, with the average break-in costing £900 to repair the damage and replace belongings.

Here are some crime reduction tips to protect your home and yourself:

At home

  • Lock your bedroom door – Even if you are going to the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Check doors and windows are locked at night or when going out – Do not assume someone else will do.
  • Make a list of your personal property including the serial number and description – Use an ultraviolet pen to mark electrical and other items.

Personal safety

  • Think ahead – Do not walk home alone late at night; arrange in advance to stay with a trusted friend or pre-book a taxi
  • Never leave drinks unattended in pubs or clubs – When you go to the toilet, ask your friends to keep an eye on your drinks. Men’s drinks get spiked too. If you suspect your drink has been spiked, contact a member of staff or tell a trusted friend.
  • Do not show off your cash, mobile phone or laptop, or leaving them lying around – Never leave your bag, wallet or purse unattended and do not carry your chequebook and card together. Take out protection for your credit/debit cards and note all your card details at home, so you can cancel them quickly if they are stolen.
  • Try to go to the cashpoint in daylight if possible – Be aware of people standing too close to you and always conceal your PIN. If it is dark, go with a friend if you can and do not check your money in full view.
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