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KLMKLM, the Dutch airline, offers a variety of discounts and deals for students, making travel more affordable for those who are studying. With its extensive network of destinations across the globe, KLM is a popular choice for students who want to travel for work or leisure.

The student ticket offered by KLM is known as the “Go Light” fare. This fare includes a carry-on bag and one checked bag, making it perfect for students who need to bring all their textbooks and belongings with them. The ticket is also refundable, giving students peace of mind if their plans change unexpectedly.

In addition to the “Go Light” fare, the airlines also offers student discounts on regular tickets. These discounts can be up to 15% off the regular fare, making it even easier for students to travel on a budget. To take advantage of these discounts, students need to provide a valid student ID and book their tickets through the KLM website or through a travel agency.

KLM also offers a Flying Blue program, which allows students to earn miles for every flight they take with KLM or its partner airlines. These miles can be redeemed for flights, upgrades, and other rewards, making travel even more affordable for students in the long run.

To make traveling even more convenient for students, KLM has a mobile app that allows them to check in, choose their seat, and access their boarding pass from their smartphone. This app also provides real-time flight information, making it easy for students to keep track of any delays or cancellations.

In conclusion, KLM offers a range of discounts and benefits for students, making it a great choice for anyone looking to travel on a budget. From its “Go Light” fare to student discounts on regular tickets and the Flying Blue program, there are plenty of ways for students to save money while exploring the world with KLM.

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