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Ping Pong dim sum

Ping Pong is a contemporary Dim Sum restaurant located across the UK, offering an excellent student discount on their mouth-watering food menu. They offer a 15% discount on their food menu to all students who present their valid student ID card while ordering.

The restaurant’s ambience is modern and comfortable, making it an ideal place for students to hang out with friends or even for a solo visit. With its tasty, fresh, and healthy food, Ping Pong has become a popular choice for students looking for affordable and delicious dining options.

The restaurant’s menu is extensive, with various vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, including dumplings, buns, crispy prawns, and noodles. The restaurant’s signature dishes include the Har Gau prawn dumplings, Siu Mai pork dumplings, and Char Siu Bao buns, among others. The drinks menu includes a variety of teas, beers, cocktails, and mocktails.

Ping Pong’s student discount is an excellent offer, especially for students who want to taste some authentic and exotic Chinese cuisine without breaking the bank. The discount applies to all the food items on the menu, making it an affordable choice for students who want to enjoy a complete meal.

Students can also avail themselves of this offer at any of the Ping Pong branches located in different parts of the UK, making it accessible for students studying in different cities.

In conclusion, Ping Pong restaurant’s student discount offers a great opportunity for students to enjoy a tasty meal while also saving some money. With its contemporary ambiance and extensive food menu, students can experience an authentic Chinese dining experience at an affordable price. It is an excellent option for students looking to indulge in some fantastic food without worrying about the cost.

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