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In the UK, Christmas is a festival where families come together to celebrate. But for some local and international students this will not be possible due to various reasons. Most institutions in the UK will be closed for a period of two weeks for the Christmas and New Year holidays and for some students who are away from home for Christmas, this means they will not be meeting their friends or will be able to use most facilities at the university.

On the brighter side this gives both the local and international students an opportunity to interact with the local community and experience the culture. Some overseas students may experience their first ‘White Christmas’ in some parts of the UK.

Here are a few free events you can find around in London:

NOTE that the public transport schedule will be different during the holiday season. Always check the Transport of London website before you make any travel arrangements.

Students living outside London; we have not forgotten you. Here are some events for you:

  • Host UK – Host UK is a charity which organises short home stays with British families for international students.
  • International Student House(ISH) – ISH is a charity which supports both British and International students on various aspects. Check ISH’s Christmas day offers here.

The universities organise their own Christmas day events for their students. Check your university’s website for further information. Here are a few such events:


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