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Darlington Borough Council

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Darlington Borough Council is proud to introduce the TOTUM student discount card, a valuable resource that provides exclusive benefits and savings to students in the area. The TOTUM card, previously known as the NUS Extra card, is the ultimate student discount card trusted by millions of students across the UK.

The TOTUM card unlocks a world of discounts and offers across a wide range of categories, including shopping, dining, entertainment, travel, and more. With this card in hand, students in Darlington can enjoy savings on everyday expenses, making their money go further and enhancing their overall student experience.

The TOTUM card is available to all students enrolled in higher education institutions, including colleges and universities. By presenting their TOTUM card at participating businesses and online retailers, students can take advantage of exclusive discounts and promotions, both locally and nationally.

To obtain the TOTUM card, students need to be registered with a higher education institution and visit the TOTUM website to apply. The card can be purchased for a small annual fee, which is quickly recouped through the savings students can enjoy throughout the year.

The TOTUM card not only provides financial benefits but also serves as a means of identification, offering additional perks such as access to student events, festivals, and competitions. It is an essential tool for students to make the most of their time in Darlington, connecting them to a wider network of discounts and opportunities.

By partnering with TOTUM, Darlington Borough Council is demonstrating its commitment to supporting students and promoting the local economy. The card encourages students to shop and dine locally, contributing to the growth and success of businesses within the community.

Students with the TOTUM card can explore the diverse range of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues in Darlington, knowing that they have exclusive discounts at their fingertips. From fashion and beauty to leisure activities and travel, the TOTUM card opens doors to a world of savings and experiences.

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