Kingston upon Thames Council Tax – Student Discounts and Exemptions

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Kingston upon Thames

Kingston Upon Thames is a borough in Greater London that is home to a large student population. To support its students, the Kingston Upon Thames Council offers a range of discounts and exemptions on council tax for students.

Council tax is a local tax that is used to fund various services, including police, fire, and waste management, in the borough. For students, paying council tax can be a significant expense, but the Kingston Upon Thames Council provides a number of options for reducing this cost.

For example, students who are full-time students and live in student accommodation are exempt from council tax. This means that they do not need to pay council tax for the entire academic year, which can provide a significant saving.

For students who live in shared accommodation, the Kingston Upon Thames Council provides a 25% discount on council tax. This can make council tax more affordable for students who are splitting the cost with roommates.

The Kingston Upon Thames Council also offers a discount for households where one person is a student and the other is not. In these cases, the non-student will be responsible for paying the full council tax, but the student will receive a discount.

It is important to note that these discounts and exemptions are subject to change, and students should check with the Kingston Upon Thames Council for the most up-to-date information.

In conclusion, students who live in the Kingston Upon Thames borough can take advantage of the council tax discounts and exemptions offered by the Kingston Upon Thames Council, helping to reduce their overall living costs and make their time in the borough more affordable.

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