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Parrs Wood

Parrs Wood is a popular entertainment complex located in Manchester, UK, offering a variety of activities for people of all ages. From bowling to cinema and restaurants, Parrs Wood has something for everyone. For students, Parrs Wood is an ideal place to spend time with friends while enjoying great deals and discounts.

One of the most significant benefits of being a student at Parrs Wood is the discounts offered by various restaurants and shops in the complex. For instance, students can get up to 25% off on their meals at popular restaurants like Chiquito, Pizza Hut, and Nando’s. In addition, students can also get discounts on cinema tickets at the Odeon cinema, which is one of the most popular cinemas in Manchester.

Apart from discounts on food and cinema tickets, students can also get discounted prices on bowling and other activities at the complex. For example, students can get up to 50% off on bowling and laser quest at Tenpin, which is one of the top bowling alleys in Manchester. Similarly, students can also get discounts on pool and snooker at Rileys, which is a popular pool hall located in the complex.

To avail of these discounts, students need to show their valid student ID card at the respective outlets. Additionally, some discounts may be available only on specific days or times, so students are advised to check with the outlets in advance.

In conclusion, Parrs Wood is an excellent place for students to hang out with friends and enjoy various activities. With discounts available on food, cinema tickets, and activities like bowling, laser quest, and pool, students can save a lot of money while having fun. So, if you’re a student in Manchester looking for a great place to unwind and enjoy some entertainment, Parrs Wood is definitely worth checking out.

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