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Plymouth Citybus

Plymouth Citybus is a popular bus service in Plymouth that connects various parts of the city. They offer reliable and affordable transport to students, making it easy to travel around the city. They also offer a student discount that can help students save money on their daily commute.

The Plymouth Citybus student discount is available to all students who have a valid student email address. The discount offers up to 15% off on all bus fares, making it a great option for students who are on a tight budget. To take advantage of this offer, students simply need to register with their institute email address and use the discount code STUDENT22 when purchasing a bus ticket.

In addition to the student discount, Plymouth Citybus also offers a range of other benefits for students. For example, they have a number of routes that run directly to popular student areas such as Plymouth University, making it easy to get to and from campus. They also have a live tracking system that allows students to see exactly when their bus is due to arrive, making it easier to plan their journey.

Students can also take advantage of Plymouth Citybus’ mobile app, which provides real-time bus tracking, service updates, and the ability to purchase tickets directly from their smartphone. This is a convenient option for students who don’t want to carry cash or paper tickets.

Overall, Plymouth Citybus offers a convenient and affordable transport option for students in Plymouth. With their student discount and other benefits, students can save money and easily get around the city.

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