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Southern Railway offers a great deal for students called the Unizone ticket. This ticket allows students to travel on any Southern train for a day or a week at a discounted rate. The Unizone ticket is available to all full-time students who have a valid NUS or NUS Extra card, or a university photo ID card.

With the Unizone ticket, students can travel to any destination on the Southern network, including London and other major cities in the South of England. The ticket also allows unlimited travel on buses and trams in London.

The Unizone ticket is a flexible option for students who need to travel frequently or for those who want to explore new places on the weekends. With the day ticket, students can travel as much as they want in a single day, while the weekly ticket is valid for seven consecutive days.

To purchase the Unizone ticket, students need to show their student ID card and purchase the ticket from a Southern ticket office or online. The ticket is only valid for the student named on the card, and it cannot be transferred or shared with anyone else.

Southern Railway understands the financial challenges faced by students and has made the Unizone ticket affordable. The ticket is significantly cheaper than a regular ticket, making it a great option for students who need to travel frequently or for those who want to explore new places on a budget.

In summary, the Unizone ticket offered by Southern Railway is an excellent deal for students who need to travel frequently or want to explore new places in the South of England. With discounted rates and unlimited travel, the Unizone ticket is an affordable and flexible option for students. So, if you are a student who needs to travel frequently, be sure to take advantage of this great offer by Southern Railway.

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