Too Good To Go: An App That Helps International Students in the UK Save Money

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International students in the UK often face financial challenges, from tuition fees to living expenses. With the cost of living in the UK being one of the highest in Europe, finding ways to save money is essential for most students. One of the best ways to save money on food is by using the “Too Good To Go” app.

What is “Too Good To Go”?

“Too Good To Go” is a food waste app that helps reduce food waste by connecting consumers with surplus food from local restaurants, cafes and shops. The app offers a wide range of food, from sandwiches and pastries to main courses, at a fraction of the price you would pay if you ordered it directly from the restaurant.

Why is it Useful for International Students?

Save Money: International students are often on a tight budget, and the app allows them to save money on food. With prices ranging from £2 to £4, students can save up to 50% or more on their food expenses.

Convenient: The app is easy to use and available on both iOS and Android platforms. Simply search for participating locations near you, place an order, and pick it up at the designated time.

Reduce Food Waste: Using the app helps reduce food waste, as it connects consumers with surplus food that would otherwise go to waste. This not only benefits the environment, but also allows students to contribute to a good cause.

Discover New Places: The  app also allows students to discover new restaurants and cafes in their area, and enjoy a variety of different foods.

How to Use the App?

  1. Download the app: Download the “Too Good To Go” app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Sign Up: Create an account by providing your email and password.
  3. Browse: Browse through the participating locations in your area and select the food you want to purchase.
  4. Order: Place your order and pay for it through the app.
  5. Pick up: Pick up your food at the designated time and enjoy!

In conclusion, the “Too Good To Go” app is a great way for international students in the UK to save money on food, reduce food waste, and discover new restaurants and cafes. With its convenient, easy-to-use platform and its commitment to reducing food waste, “Too Good To Go” is a must-have app for all international students in the UK.


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