Unlocking Potential: What Employers Seek in Student CVs

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Student CVsAs the job market evolves, employers recognise that the right candidate isn’t always the most experienced. Student CVs, often overlooked, hold hidden gems that can transform a team. Let’s explore the key qualities that make a student CV stand out:

1. Relevant Qualifications

Showcase Academic Achievements: Employers seek evidence of learning. Whether a student has completed their degree or is still studying; emphasising relevant courses, certifications, and specialised training is crucial.

Transferable Benefits: Even if qualifications don’t directly match the job, students can highlight transferable skills. For instance, communication skills gained during studies apply universally.

2. Communication Skills

The Art of Expression: Employers appreciate well-written, concise CVs and cover letters. Clear communication matters. The personal statement section reveals a candidate’s written communication skills—formatting, attention to detail, and clarity.

Remember: Writing ability isn’t always a surefire indicator of verbal communication. Dyslexia, for example, may affect spelling but not the ability to convey meaning.

3. Teamwork and Collaboration

Past Roles and Educational Achievements: Employers examine roles held during studies. Part-time jobs often involve teamwork—think hospitality or customer service. Collaborating on group projects demonstrates the ability to work effectively with others.

4. Proactiveness

Going the Extra Mile: Employers value students who take on responsibilities beyond the ordinary. Proactive students become proactive employees. Show how you’ve achieved new things and contributed beyond expectations.

Remember, student CVs may lack extensive work experience, but by emphasising these transferable skills, candidates unlock their potential. So, polish that CV, showcase unique qualities, and step confidently into the professional arena!


This article, authored by an industry expert, aims to empower students. If you have questions or need personalised advice, feel free to reach out!

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